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Tuesday the 1st of September, 2015 [19:07 PM GMT]
Final Fantasy Insight - Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings Miscellaneous


Vital Statistics


Genre: Strategy RPG
Platform: Nintendo
Medium: Nintendo DS Cartridge


Production: Square Enix, Think & Feel Inc.
Distribution (Japan): Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Distribution (USA): Square Enix
Distribution (Europe): Square Enix

Release Dates

Japan: April 26th, 2007
USA: November 20th, 2007
Europe: February 15th, 2008

Age Ratings

CERO (Japan): A (All Ages)
PEGI (Europe): 12+

Official Websites

North America
Europe & PAL Territories

Gameplay Support

Single player

He who would be Sky Pirate.
Ruins of a lost civilisation.
A girl who wants peace.

Game Introduction

The boy who would be Sky Pirate and his friend return...

One year after the events of Final Fantasy XII, Vaan and Penelo gain the means necessary to fly up to the legendarily protected Floating Continent of Lemurés, where the Aegyl - a race of winged humanoids with a short lifespan of 40 years - live. Their magical barrier, erected long ago by the god Feolthanos and kept existing by the power of a Sacred Crystal, shields the Aegyl from the events of Ivalice and left them to develop as a totally independant society.

Lemurés has long since become one of the ultimate goals of Sky Pirates, wishing to find treasures and riches that are unknown to the inhabitants of Ivalice, and so, novice pirates Vaan and Penelo, along with their friends from the streets of Rabanastre take to the skies in their search for these treasures. Little do they know that they will soon be involved in much darker deeds, as the mysterious Judge of Wings, a winged Judge resembling those of the Magisters of Ivalice is sowing fear in the inhabitants of Lemurés, and causing friction in Archadia due to the resemblence to one of their own Judges.

Teaming up with the young Llyud, an Aegyl who, against the wishes of his tribe ventures out of the safety of his people to seek help, and together they follow the mysterious Judge of Wings as he reaps destruction and fear across Lemurés and Ivalice. The band of friends will have to rely on one another as they root out the mysteries of the god who challenged the Occuria...

This forgotten land will reveal a secret from the mists of time.

"Purge this wretched world of it's sorrow!" ~ Judge of Wings

Game Covers

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