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Wednesday the 2nd of September, 2015 [07:20 AM GMT]
Final Fantasy Insight - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Miscellaneous

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lyrics: Crazy Chocobo

These are the lyrics to the track Crazy Chocobo (Disc 4, Track 2), which features in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Crazy Chocobo features music originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu, arranged and performed by Shootie HG, with lyrics by SQUARE ENIX MUSIC.

Crazy Chocobo, by Shootie HG

Gas'em up, with the greens and let him go
Stand back, stand clear as he puts on a show
So cute yet fierce, is he from hell?
I cannot tell, yet I don't even want to know
So you wanna be a trail blazer
Kickin'dirt like a hell raiser
Take the reins, but don't react slow
It's time to feel the force of the Chocobo

So you think you can ride this Chocobo
Got Chocobucks? You better put them on this Chocobo
Saddle up, if you think you can ride in this rodeo
Are we in hell? I don't know, to the dirt, let's roll!
You're loco If you think you're gonna hide this Chocobo
Everybody's gonna wanna ride your Chocobo
It's Choco-loco style in a Choco-Rodeo
Gonna ride him straight through hell in this Chocobo Rodeo

Yeah let's ride!

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